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Your Final Decision
  • Added on: April 27, 2013
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Firstly, I made this in about a week, you can tell because it just doesn’t sound very polished (at least to me).

Secondly, I had waaaayyyy to much fun making this, the main instrument was surprisingly simple to make and the main tune came about as quickly, and then I spent all the time whilst working on this bouncing up and down, the tune just really appeals to me!

This definitely had the problem that I had this wonderful tune but nothing that fitted to bring it together, I don’t like making songs that are just a one tune shot with nothing to give it some variety. So I made the slightly calmer middle bit, I’m having great fun using Reason to make modular synths, getting some really nice analogue sounds which because of the ease of Reason’s routing you can make sound slightly more modern (again, massive thumbs up for reason, awesome software!).  So that was made from 6 oscillators  with various LFOs giving it some texture, looks like a wiring spaghetti junction, loving it.

I also haven’t mastering this hugely (given it a once over with some multi-band compression but nothing serious), again, you can tell that it isn’t a polished product but I love the rough idea that it has, a sort of ‘Maximal Crazy’ (by Tiesto) approach.


Have a listen, hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do