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Turo (DJ^2 Remix)
  • Added on: April 27, 2013
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This started off when boredom got the better of me; I went onto and choose the first one that I saw, without reading what they wanted or the prize. Not a great plan to anyone looking to get into a remix competition, knowing what the artist wants helps hugely (as I later found out :P)

The original tune for this track I thought was awesome, and in the stems pack they gave us MIDI notes, rather than the more traditional audio clip to play with. I much prefer this as you can have way more fun putting a different instrument to that line and mixing it up rather than having to only use audio processing if you want to change the original sound.

I spent a long time playing with this track, it probably had the most hours spent on it out of all the work I’ve done, and I regret this only because I ended up with something resembling a thick sludge by the end of it, too many instruments spoil the broth… So the biggest part of this production was managing this to make the track sound professional, as I recon this is a major part of the contest. As ever, my the way I like to at least start off doing this is be using high pass and low pass filters a lot to make each instrument fill only one band of frequencies. This worked most of the way, the track still isn’t as crisp as I would like but then you can’t win all the time!

I also spent an enormous amount of time mastering this track as well, the result is something that I think is a little too squashed, but quite loud, thought this was the best way around to get it to stand out from the others.

Alas I didn’t win, I thought personally it stood up compared to the others, but the winner just had a better track, its a fair cop!


So here it is, comments and feedback encouraged :)

and just for fun, here is what Stratosfox had to say about it when I asked for feedback:

‘Your track was great man! Especially the bridge in the middle around 3:30. However, it was labeled as trance electronic, and it really sounded more like club track, slightly watered down. sound was great, timing was good, everything was in sync, but the mood wasn’t just what i was looking for. Still though, you did good!’

Maybe next time hey….