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Sunday Blues
  • Added on: April 27, 2013
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So, as the name suggests, this was started after feeling a bit rubbish on a Sunday afternoon with the prospect of work in the morning, I get it really bad but I also find I can have minor brain waves from it, this is a fine example…

I actually started off making the most nasty/ angry/ big synth I have done yet, this was later scrapped due to it just not playing ball with anything, likely hood it will end up in an intro. I then used a few of the offcuts from this to start making other instruments; I ended up making about 5 in the space of a few hours, Sundays ain’t so bad after all!

The big thing I wanted in this piece was some ‘get up and go’ and some attack, I feel I had got into the habit of making very long and a bit dull pieces, very trance and not enough good proper fun. So with that in mind I tried to use as many short notes as possible and just be a bit more ruthless with ideas.

I also had a lot of fun playing with the rhythms, the drum line is very simple with this but I wanted to create some punch by not having too much release and reverb on the instruments, so the end of the note is well defined as well as the start. So this builds up to about 3:30 where I go a bit overboard and layer everything up, hopefully this doesn’t just sound stupid (as ever we can only hope).

And about the ‘am i totally screwed or what voice’, I got a pack of royalty free sound clips of people saying things, might as well put them to good use 😛


Have a listen: