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Are We Alone (feat. Delano Johnson)
  • Added on: November 2, 2012
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This song has been aaaggggeeeessss in coming together from when I first thought of the idea, or at least when I first made the main instrument (as ever, instrument came first). I made the instrument on its own when I was frustrated at 533557 and just needed something else to get my mind away from it for a bit. So I got in an angry mood and had probably the best stress relief session I could ask for! The instrument I’m talking about is the bass line from the main drop, its the bit that (hopefully) gives the punchyness at the beggining of each phrase.

The other idea the ran in parrarel to this is me wanting to add lyrics, this came in the form of me coming up with a simple lyric line ‘are we alone, to be alone’. The only problem with this is after I had worked out the notes I was thinking I was lost about what to do with them. The other problem is that I was way to interested in the instrument I had made, and the best notes for the instruments wernt in the right key for the lyrics etc, so I chose insturment over lyrics.

Next inspiration came from Veldt by Deadmou5e, he basically straps a song together using one presumably moog (all respect, its a blooming good song). One of the reasons I feel for this is that he uses an apregitor to re-trigger the synth every 1/8th etc. This is effectively lilke tapping the key through the note. The effect is that a very simple cord progression with very long notes can start sounding interesting because the note changes sound. Not new but when used well very effective. So I have nicked this idea to put on one of my synths, simples đŸ˜›

Then of course I turned to Delano Johnson to do me up some lyrics, and he returned with what you hear. Unfortunately I was well into the song by the time the lyrics came along, so if a critism is going to be they dont fit then I accept you have a point, I would prefer them to fit better.

The rest you will just have to listen to, as ever, i hope you enjoy it :)


P.S. an explination of an ‘all in mix’, I have an increasing habit of doing to much to a song and having many many ideas that make the song end up being way to long. Now hopefully it is never boring and I hope that people do not feel its ‘scraping the bottom of the barrel’, but none the less if I was to perform these or release them they would probably be cut dow…