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BeaUtiful Power
  • Added on: August 23, 2012
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This is by far my favourite production, the more time I spend producing the more I enjoy what I produce…

The main instrument in this came from another song called ‘Are we Alone’, that is still on the drawing board so much so that I still can’t get it finnished. Through a combination of writers block and having a better idea for the instrument I came out with the original idea of a tune that didnt fit ‘Are we Alone’.

The rest of the song in timely fashion didnt come quickly… the first place I took some more instruments from was a song I made called ‘Schools Out’, this is availible only to my soundcloud followers purely because it isn’t really dance music and was made with the intention of creating a load of nice sounds to be used elsewhere. From here I took the 3 snare drums, one can be heard at the start of the song and the others the rest of the way through, I also took ‘the big moan’ as I call it which I think is the third instrument to be introduced at the start. This was the main feature in ‘Schools Out’ and with a few tweaks sat nicely in the mix in this track.

Merging this track also possed many difficulties, there are some quite large sounds which are great in themselves but are very difficult to introduce effectively, for this I came up with a lot of risers etc from pitch bending various sounds, and I confess a few pre-sets that reason has. A few ideas alas had to hit the dust, maybe they will make an appearance in another song, but there were just making mud as they were.

So with now a skeleton of a track I had a very awkward moment of waking up, listening to it and thinking to myself  ‘Fuck this is dull…’. If anyone has had it about there own creations its not a great feeling and normally doesn’t exactly cheer you up. So I went over the entire song and basically started adding notes and rhythem. Two things changed majorly from this, first the bass line got an arpagiator and extra notes added, something that I have not done before but makes the whole song lift a bit, so instead of four notes moaning away you actually get somthing exciting that can be listened to on its own. The second was when I re-introduce the main fuzzy instrument again, instead of the original rhythem I used dotted crotchets, not triplets. The result is I could make a bridge which hopefully ends up being slightly more epic, rather than a bit dull 😛


As ever, here it is, I hope what I have said actually happened and people like it! Please comment and even more please share 😀


P.S. This track is dedicated to Bea Watts, no points for how I named the song…