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Now Your Just Somebody I Used To Know (DJ^2 Remix)
  • Added on: July 1, 2012
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So the second remix I have done, a lot more serious than my James Bond one that being said!

I have had the acapella for this song around and about and I really liked the original vocal line, the original instrumental though isn’t much in terms of dance music (it hardly even has a steady pulse…).  Another massive turn on was the fact that there is a midi file of all the instruments, this makes the whole project both quicker and much easier to get something going!

I started off (as per usual) making a lead synth, this took me for ever, eventually I got the sound somewhere near what I was wanting, still need practice on this bit of the production because it sometimes sounds a bit muddy etc, but never the least I’m happy with the result. The next job was then working out what the chord progression was going to be to, this eventually turned out to be very simple, I took the plucked cords from the guitar in the original (hopefully you know the line I mean) and lengthened them, simple.

I then saw a tutorial on using the arpegiator in Reason, so I put these cords into this with another synth attached and got quite a lively sound.

Then came the bass line… I like this sound the most out of the entire track, I up to now have been very lazy and have been using the same bass line synth, I decided to make another one and ended up making something that can be effectively used as a lead instrument, not just as an underpart. I have not yet played this on really large speakers to see the effect, hopefully it will have the earth shaking I’m looking for 😛

In terms of mastering, I didn’t use an multi band compression etc (unlike my attemp for ‘I Need A Beat’), instead I did instead something a bit more easier and just used the equilizer and high/low pass filters in the Reason mixer. Suprisingly I think it has turned out alright, feel free to have your opinion on that…