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Pepper vs. Like a G6 (DJ^Mashup)
  • Added on: April 23, 2012
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This like my other mashups is to address the problem of not being able to play quality trance tracks because of people just not being able to engage with them through lack of words and knowing the track.

Pepper by Store n’ Forward is an amzing track, one of the best drop I have come across, but it does have a draw back of being very long with not much going on before hand. I have had the acapella for ‘Like a G6’ hanging around for ages, and its useful because that song is recognized not for the instrumental line but for the vocals a.k.a, very useful as people can focus on the words whilst being built up.

For this mashup again I used Cubase 5, this was much further on down the line so I was both quicker and better quality. I did however still use the same labourous techniques as ‘Moves Like Jagger vs. Unison’, put them both through Virtual DJ etc.

The end result has mixed opinions from both me and people who have listened to it, its not as jumpy as some of my other work, but for a break song in a set (as in, you can’t expect people to go mental for however many hours straight… quality break downs I believe are important….) I feel it works well, of course its down to others to tell me *hint* 😉

Here it is: