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I have always been interested in music. From a very young age I have played all sorts of instruments and have been in a choir of one sort or another from when I was 8 years old. I have also been very fortunate to have a dad who likes his music (not quite disco but still music), so I have been brought up knowing about Hi-Fi etc. From there on in I have done a lot of music related hobbies, I have done sound for many musicals etc at the local theatre and have always kept up choir, as well frankly listening to music a lot; iPod, speakers, live, anything really.

And that’s were I started ‘producing’, or to begin with just playing with music. I started DJing when I was 17 (2010 roughly) , starting out at first with only Virtual DJ and a mouse (yes, lots of pre-recording and simple mixes) and then got round to buying off a friend a set of Numark MixTrack Pro decks. The phrase is cheap and cheerful, but they did me well if only for a few glitches which I like to think means only I knew how to use them! I then started using Cubase because of the mixing and recording difficulties to make mixes (very un-pc, but budget required). These started getting more complicated and mashups started to be made, I only made a few before I got into making my own music, but I loved doing them.

I have moved on from there and now¬†produce my very own (mostly using Propellerhead’s Reason), this is what I enjoy the most. I prefer to start with a blank canvas and experiment rather than being tied down by whatever you are working with. I have done a few remixes and collaborations though and I hope to do many more, I have found that actually you can improve your originals hugely by not only listening but working with what other people have done. Also the power of a well known vocal is huge, so a remix of these sorts of songs is a very useful thing to have in you playlist.

Of course producing isn’t simple and I’m having to learn that intros and outros don’t come cheap, and that big drop isn’t as simple as you first thought. But I’m having fun and frankly thats my objective, I’m not out to be a pop star. I’m also set myself an aim of going about it the long way; trying not to use so many pre-made patches or samples. Therefor I expect it is going to take me a lot longer to get up to the standard that makes my music sound ‘professional’, but hopefully once I am there I will have something different and unique… fingers crossed.

Thankyou to Harry Richmond for all DJ^2 artwork and for building Archimedes



Your Final DecisionApril 27, 2013

Firstly, I made this in about a week, you can tell because it just doesn’t sound very polished (at least to me). Secondly, I had waaaayyyy to much fun making this, the main instrument was surprisingly simple to make and the main tune came about as quickly, and then I spent all the time whilst Read More...

Sunday BluesApril 27, 2013

So, as the name suggests, this was started after feeling a bit rubbish on a Sunday afternoon with the prospect of work in the morning, I get it really bad but I also find I can have minor brain waves from it, this is a fine example… I actually started off making the most nasty/ Read More...

Are We Alone (feat. Delano Johnson)November 2, 2012

This song has been aaaggggeeeessss in coming together from when I first thought of the idea, or at least when I first made the main instrument (as ever, instrument came first). I made the instrument on its own when I was frustrated at 533557 and just needed something else to get my mind away from Read More...

BeaUtiful PowerAugust 23, 2012

This is by far my favourite production, the more time I spend producing the more I enjoy what I produce… The main instrument in this came from another song called ‘Are we Alone’, that is still on the drawing board so much so that I still can’t get it finnished. Through a combination of writers Read More...


Turo (DJ^2 Remix)April 27, 2013

This started off when boredom got the better of me; I went onto and choose the first one that I saw, without reading what they wanted or the prize. Not a great plan to anyone looking to get into a remix competition, knowing what the artist wants helps hugely (as I later found out Read More...

Now Your Just Somebody I Used To Know (DJ^2 Remix)July 1, 2012

So the second remix I have done, a lot more serious than my James Bond one that being said! I have had the acapella for this song around and about and I really liked the original vocal line, the original instrumental though isn’t much in terms of dance music (it hardly even has a steady Read More...

Mashups/ Mixes

Pepper vs. Like a G6 (DJ^Mashup)April 23, 2012

This like my other mashups is to address the problem of not being able to play quality trance tracks because of people just not being able to engage with them through lack of words and knowing the track. Pepper by Store n’ Forward is an amzing track, one of the best drop I have come Read More...

Moves Like Jagger vs. Unison (DJ^Mashup)April 23, 2012

This is my favourite and everyone elses favourite mashup, wierdly the first one I did as well… This came into being from listening to Unison by Porter Robinson and thinking ‘wouldn’t it be great to be able to play that’, the problem being that for music like this it is very difficult for it to Read More...

Kit List

One of the most common ice-breakers between music producers is the age old question ‘what do you produce on’:
  • Reason 6.5
  • MacBook Pro (Late 2013)
  • Wharfedale Diamond 10 Speakers
  • Cambridge Audio A5 Amp
  • Cambridge Audio DacMagic
  • Sennheiser HD 280 pro headphones
  • Sony MDR-AS30 headphones (I only mention these because they are awesome for the size and price)
  • Behringer DDM4000 mixer
  • 2x Numark NDX 400 decks
  • Numark MixTrack pro decks (old and unused)
  • Novation LaunchPad
  • Yamaha YPT-210 Keyboard
  • M-Audo Axiom Pro 49


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I have read approximately a billion tutorials on various parts of music production, and I find it a good way to make my productions better, as you can only move at a certain speed by trial and error. I thought that I would give a give writing a few, starting on the areas that I haven’t seen really covered.

I am not the all knowing being on these issues but I will try to right within my means and hopefully they will be of use to people interested in music


Mastering (Overview)September 16, 2013

The process of mastering is one that you will hear musicians rave on about, and anyone else has a rather blank expression when you mention it. This therefore is a brief summary of what it is, and why its done. Hopefully I will get round to writing some articles on how to do it later. Read More...

I Feel You

I Need A Beat (feat. Delano Johnson)

Incase of Emergency

James Bond (DJ^2 Remix)

Now Your Just Somebody I Used To Know (DJ^2 Remix)

Spectrum (DJ^2 Remix)

Sunday Blues

You Used to Hold Me (DJ^2 Remix)

553557/No Reason

Are We Alone (feat. Delano Johnson)

BeaUtiful Power


Drops (DJ^2 Remix)

Final Decision